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Kanban M&M’s at Lean Agile Scotland

Kanban M&M’s at Lean Agile Scotland

Come and get your free Kanban M&M’s at my Kanban Essentials workshop at Lean Agile Scotland on 7th October. The session is aimed at newbies to Kanban who want to learn the bare essentials. Here’s the session overview: This introduction to Kanban is a foundational workshop that enables teams to get going with Kanban quickly. The … Continue reading


  • A projector is a resource. Natural gas is a resource. Oil is a resource. I'm a human. When I work for a company I'm an employee - aka staff. When I'm referred to as a Resource it makes me feel like a commodity line item on a spreadsheet. Please use the word staff instead. It makes me feel human again and makes you look like you care.

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